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Sell Financed EV

This is how you can sell a financed EV with Cardino.

You can also sell a financed EV with Cardino. Here we have explained how this works in four simple steps.

This is how it works

Redemption sum

We need confirmation from the bank that you are allowed to sell your car. Simply contact your bank by telephone and ask for the redemption amount for your car. This will then usually be sent to you by letter.


You send us the amount of the redemption sum in the form of the document issued by the bank.


We auction your car. You can decide whether you are happy with the purchase price. If you agree to the purchase contract, you make an appointment to collect the car and receive the full purchase price a few days before you collect the car, which you can use to pay the purchase price.

Registration document (ZLB II)

Your bank will send you the vehicle registration document (ZLB II). You can simply submit this to us at a later date.