How can you find me the best offer for my EV

At Cardino, we're dedicated to finding you the best possible price for your EV. Our process starts with us sending your offer through our network of Europe-wide verified dealers. For a couple of days, these dealers will have the opportunity to view your vehicle description and photos, and submit a bid to buy your car.

Thanks to this competitive buying process, with dealers from all over Europe vying to give you the best deal, you'll get the highest offer possible. This is why many of the cars sold on Cardino go for higher than expected prices!

As soon as the sale ends and the highest offer is determined, you'll receive the possibility to accept it. If you decide to take the offer, we'll take care of the rest. We'll transfer the funds to you the next day and arrange the paperwork as well as a convenient time for you to get your EV collected. Best of all, the entire process is completely free, from start to finish. Just so you sit back and relax while we take precious care of your sale.

Updated on:  
June 3, 2024