What is Cardino?

Cardino started in 2022 with a vision to build a better market for electric vehicles, harnessing the power of technology to deliver a fantastic experience. Together, we want to ensure that used EVs find new owners and remain on our roads for as long as possible. We are building an innovative online platform that revolutionizes the used electric cars' selling process and offers a fast, easy, and stress-free solution for all EV owners.

We use a European-wide network of verified dealers that compete to provide the best possible price — with no fee on the sellers’ side. Selling a vehicle with Cardino starts with precisely valuing your vehicle with our dedicated tool, updated on dynamic market prices and basic information on your car. After some quick, necessary and easy verifications, we take care of all the rest. This includes advertising the car to dealerships, handling contracts and coordinating vehicle pickup. With its focus on simplicity and ease, Cardino aims to make the sale of an EV as seamless as possible, and participate in a more sustainable and circular economy.

Updated on:  
June 3, 2024