Who buys the EVs?

We have wide network of dealerships working with us. Over 300 dealershpis across Germany, Denmark and Finland.
All of them participate in our auction two or three times a week, bidding on your car.
Close up image of a handshake with an EV in the background.

What is their interest?

Dealerships have several reasons to be interested in buying cars from EV owners rather than big rental companies. Some of them are:

  • Condition of car, as EV owners tend to treat their car much better than renters.
  • Packages and accessories: EV owners are more interested in upgrading their cars and buy additional accessories, as its their own car.

Why is it better for you?

The main benefit of this system for you is that all the dealerships are bidding on your car, providing you the best price via competition. The other advantage is how fast the sale goes. We keep two or three auctions a week, which means your car can be sold within couple of days.

Moreover, this way the transporting of your car to the buyer is covered by us. You do not need to drive it anywhere or arrange transportation on your own.

How is it better for the market?

Our auction is promoting digitalization and faster way of trading cars. This way the whole cycle for used EVs happens faster and we leave behind old ways of complicated, offline car selling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any fee for selling with Cardino?

No, it is totally free. Dealers cover the operational costs and logistics!

How is my EV or PHEV shown to the dealerships?

We collect all the data we need when you fill out our form on the main page. After filling the details and attaching images (no worries, we will navigate you how to do it!), we post all the info about your EV on the auction.

How does Cardino know I get the best price?

We put your car on our auction with hundreds of dealerships. Our bidding system allows us to get the best price for your EV since it is a live competition for your EV.