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5 Best Accessories For Your EV in 2023

Electric vehicles are becoming popular and choosing the right accessories is crucial as it can make driving more enjoyable and convenient. The right add-ons ensure your vehicle is not only comfortable but also meets your specific needs, making every trip smooth and delightful, and protecting your EV for the long run.

General benefits of having EV accessories: – A Quick Overview

  • Enhanced Functionality: Accessories amplify your EV's performance and ease of use, from improved charging with items like the BALDR 120W Portable Solar Panel to ensuring your car is always ready to go.
  • Personalization: Make your EV uniquely yours! Accessories offer a pathway to customize your vehicle, ensuring it aligns with your personal style and requirements. From aesthetic tweaks, like customized decals, to functional modifications, such as tailored storage solutions, nowadays you can find nearly everything.
  • Safety and Protection: Keeping your EV safe and shielded from potential damage is pivotal. Utility blankets and various protectors, such as EV Charger Plug Covers, safeguard both its exterior and interior, enhancing the vehicle’s durability.
  • Cost Savings: Invest in accessories like solar chargers, which not only endorse sustainability but also afford long-term financial savings by harnessing renewable energy.
  • Increased Comfort: Ensuring that the vehicle interior offers maximum comfort during travels, accessories like ergonomic seat cushions, electric blankets, and sunshades enhance the driving experience. These additions consider varying climate conditions and personal comfort preferences, ensuring a pleasant environment inside the EV during journeys of any length.
  • Resale Value: Utilizing accessories that maintain and protect your EV, including charging cable protectors, indirectly preserves its resale value by keeping it in peak condition.
  • Adaptability: Preparing your EV for varying scenarios, such as camping or navigating through diverse climates, is simplified with the use of apt accessories, ensuring adaptability.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: Selecting green accessories, particularly those that leverage solar power, not only assure efficiency but also solidify your commitment to sustainable choices.

Top 5 EV Accessories in 2023

1. Portable Solar Charging Panels

When considering Electric Vehicles (EVs), the Keshoyal 60W, DOKIO 220W, and BALDR 120W portable solar panels provide distinct options for sustainable and off-grid charging, with varying degrees of applicability and efficiency due to their power capacities and functionalities.

The Keyshoyal 60W, being lightweight and highly portable, might serve as a convenient option for light charging or maintaining battery levels in smaller EVs or EV accessories during camping trips or outdoor activities. Its smaller power output might not provide rapid charging for larger EV batteries, but could potentially serve auxiliary charging needs or provide power for smaller EV devices and applications, ensuring that basic electrical needs or emergency charging can be addressed in off-grid environments.

On the other hand, the DOKIO 220W panel provides a more robust charging solution, offering a higher power output that may more significantly impact the charging of an EV’s battery. With its considerable 220W power, this panel could provide more practical, although still supplementary, charging solutions for EVs in remote locations or during sunny days, extending travel ranges and reducing reliance on traditional charging stations.

While detailed specifics of the BALDR 120W are required for a detailed evaluation, a 120W panel typically provides a mid-range solution. This could be particularly useful for EV owners who seek a balance between portability and power output, offering a somewhat faster charging alternative than the Keshoyal 60W, while still being more portable and manageable compared to the heftier DOKIO 220W.

All three panels facilitate a degree of freedom from traditional charging infrastructures, enabling users to tap into renewable energy sources while on the move, thereby aligning with sustainability goals and providing additional flexibility and security during travels. The decision among the three would thus depend on the specific charging needs, space availability, and desired portability for the EV user.

Solar panels standing on the roof, against the blue sky.

2. Charging Station Weather Cover

Both the LZSTEC and HJSM EV Charger Plug Covers provide double-sided, all-weather protection for EV charging ports, crucial for owners without garage spaces to shield from rain, snow, and sun, thereby safeguarding the charging ports from potential weather-induced damages. Both covers are crafted to block snow, ice, and sleet, crucial for preventing charging port blockages during harsh winters, and provide heat protection in summers thanks to their reflective other side.

LZSTEC's Charer Cover:

  • Material: Durable, high-grade canvas, ensuring longevity despite frequent exposure to harsh weather conditions.
  • Magnetic Strips: Features two magnetic strips, increasing magnetic flux by 80% compared to single-strip covers, providing a sturdy adherence to steel vehicle bodies, and ensuring stability even under windy conditions or when covered with snow.
  • Closure: Employs Velcro closure, ensuring a tight seal around the charger cable and facilitating compact storage when not in use.

HJSM's Charger Cover:

  • Weight: Lighter at 11.7 ounces, potentially providing less stability in windy conditions.
  • Country of Origin: China, which may impact availability and shipping considerations for international buyers.

3. Electric Car Jack

The E-HEELP 5Ton and another variant E-HEELPwith a 15 Ton capacity, along with STANDTALL 3 Ton, serve as formidable tools in emergency tire-changing scenarios for various vehicles.

  1. E-HEELP 5Ton Jack prides itself on a universal application with dual power supply methods, integrated tire inflator pump, and proactive safety features through an automatic stop upon reaching max height or load. Versatility in utility, from home garages to repair shops, and its notable application under diverse conditions even in adverse weather, make it stand out.
  2. The STANDTALL 3 Ton Jack, with an assertive attention to safety, strictly limits its application to sedans and EVs under 3T. It ensures swift operation, reaching max height in approximately 2 minutes, and features built-in flashlight functionality for nighttime usage. Its triangular base offers distinctive stability during operation.
  3. Differently, the E-HEELP 15 Ton variant directs its utility towards heavier vehicles like RVs, trucks, and EVs, providing a robust 15 Ton lifting capacity and swift operationality. Embedded LED lights and a 2-way power supply mirror its 5Ton counterpart, however, its dedicated focus on lifting notably heavier vehicles distinguishes it.

4. Charging Cable Protector

LZSTEC, Cable Shield, and the 23 FT Protector, each showcasing distinct attributes. LZSTEC underscores a heavy-duty approach with its durable and bendable rubber material, designed to ensure charging cables up to 1 inch in diameter are secure and unharmed beneath garage doors, all while valuing customer interaction and quality.

Conversely, Cable Shield, manufactured in the USA, takes pride in its tool-free, permanent installation method and is mindful of specific user considerations like the potential garage door-floor gap and temperature-related rigidity. Meanwhile, the 23 FT Protector leans into comprehensive cable coverage, offering 23 feet of durable PE polyethylene protection with an easy, 4-step installation, ensuring compatibility and safeguarding for all Level 2 EV chargers. Your choice may ultimately hinge on specific cable length requirements, installation ease, and particular material preferences.

5. Electric Car Blanket

In the realm of electric car blankets, two products vie for attention: the Stalwart Heated Car Blanket and the Machine Washable Car Electric Blanket. The Stalwart version, a 100% polyester item with a classic red plaid design, is car-adaptable, providing on-the-go warmth via a 96-inch cord, ensuring the comfort of all passengers. It folds compactly, is spot-clean only, and comes with a storage case. In contrast, the Machine Washable variant champions convenience, as it can be washed and dried in machines once the heating controller is removed. This soft, dual-texture blanket (flannel and Sherpa) offers three heat settings, a durable build that withstands extensive use, and a generous 6-ft cord. Both options deliver cozy, accessible heat, yet diverge on user-friendliness and care requirements, providing alternatives to cater to varied traveler needs.

A car standing in a small outdoor parking lot covered with a white tarp.

Things to Consider When Buying EV Accessories

When purchasing EV accessories, ensuring compatibility with various electric vehicle models is crucial. Consider the longevity and available warranty of the product to gauge its reliability and value for money. Additionally, scrutinizing reviews and ratings provides insight into the real-world performance and potential issues of the accessory, aiding in making an informed decision that aligns with your EV usage and maintenance needs.


In 2023, accessorizing your Electric Vehicle (EV) blends practicality with a flair of personalization, enhancing functionality and ensuring your journeys are enjoyable and efficient. The market offers a diverse array of accessories, from portable solar charging panels and weather-resistant charging port covers to state-of-the-art electric jacks, robust charging cable protectors, and cozy electric blankets, thereby amalgamating technological advancements with user-centric designs. These accessories not only ensure that your EV is safeguarded and always ready to roll but also that every ride is tailored for utmost convenience and comfort, promising an impeccable, eco-friendly journey every time.


How does the efficiency of the solar charger compare to traditional EV charging methods?

Solar chargers, like the Keshoyal 60W, DOKIO 220W, and BALDR 120W, offer eco-friendly but typically slower charging for EVs compared to traditional, grid-tied charging stations, especially beneficial in remote locations.

What protection does the charging station weather cover offer against various climate conditions?

Weather covers for EV charging stations, such as LZSTEC and HJSM, shield charging ports from adverse weather elements like rain, snow, and sunlight, ensuring reliability and preventing weather-related damage and obstructions.

Can the electric car jack handle all models of EVs, considering their weight differences?

Electric car jacks like the E-HEELP (in 5 Ton and 15 Ton variants) and STANDTALL 3 Ton are tailored to lift vehicles of varying weights within their specified capacities, ensuring diverse EV models, from lightweight sedans to heavier trucks, can be safely lifted when necessary.

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