Supercharge Your Travels: 5 Top Tools for Finding Nearby Superchargers

Learn how to enhance your electric car journeys by optimizing the search and utilization of Superchargers.

Electric vehicle owners know the importance of having access to superchargers during their travels. Reliable charging is essential to fully utilize your vehicle's potential and travel long distances without worry. In this article, we introduce you to five top-notch tools that can help you find superchargers near you. These tools are:

  • Tesla Supercharger-Map
  • ChargePoint
  • PlugShare
  • A Better Routeplanner (ABRP)
  • Open Charge Map

We will go into detail about each of these tools and show you how to use them to make your electric vehicle travels more comfortable and stress-free.

Tesla Supercharger Map

An exclusive tool for Tesla owners

The Tesla Supercharger Map is an excellent tool for all Tesla owners for quickly and easily find supercharger stations nearby. The map is accessible directly through the Tesla navigation system in the vehicle or via the Tesla website. It provides a comprehensive overview of the growing network of Tesla Superchargers worldwide.

Powerful features and benefits

In addition to displaying the locations of the superchargers, the map provides useful information such as the number of available charging stations, charging power in kilowatts (kW), and the average stay time at each station. Tesla owners can also use the supercharger map to calculate the estimated charging time and cost, which can be extremely helpful when planning trips.

Another advantage of the Tesla Supercharger Map is its integration into the Tesla navigation system. The system automatically calculates the optimal route, taking into account the supercharger stations along the way and the remaining battery range of the vehicle. This allows Tesla drivers to ensure that they always have enough charge for their trip and reach their destination without detours.


A popular charging network for electric vehicles

ChargePoint is one of the largest and most widely available charging networks for electric vehicles. It provides access to thousands of charging stations, including superchargers, in many countries, including Germany. ChargePoint is accessible through a user-friendly app and a clear website, making it easy to find superchargers near you.

App and website features

The ChargePoint app and website offer numerous features that make it easy to find superchargers. These include the ability to search for nearby charging stations, check real-time availability of charging points, and filter charging stations by power, connector type, and accessibility. The app also allows you to start and end charging sessions and track charging history and costs directly on your smartphone.

In addition, ChargePoint also offers a route planning feature that helps you plan your trip while taking into account the available charging stations. This way, you can ensure that your electric vehicle is always sufficiently charged and reach your destinations stress-free.


A community-based platform for electric vehicle charging stations

PlugShare is a community-operated platform that allows users to share information about electric vehicle charging stations, including superchargers. The platform is accessible through a user-friendly app and website and offers a comprehensive map of charging stations around the world.

Community-based finding and sharing of superchargers

One of the strengths of PlugShare is the active participation of users who share information about new charging stations, availability, power, and other details. This allows you to stay up-to-date and receive reliable information about superchargers near you. Users can also share photos of charging stations, tips, and reviews, providing additional insights into the quality and user-friendliness of specific charging stations.

Another advantage of PlugShare is the ability to save your favourite charging stations and apply custom filters to search for superchargers. This can help you quickly and easily find the most suitable charging stations for your needs and make your travels more efficient.

A Better Routeplanner (ABRP)

A powerful route planning tool for electric vehicles

A Better Routeplanner (ABRP) is a route planning tool designed specifically for electric vehicles, which helps you find the best routes taking into account charging stations, including superchargers, along the way. The ABRP app and website are user-friendly and allow you to plan your trips in advance and ensure that you always have enough charge for your journey.

Finding Superchargers along your route

ABRP takes into account various factors when planning routes, such as the remaining battery capacity of your vehicle, the performance of available charging stations, and driving conditions to determine the optimal route for your trip. Superchargers and other fast-charging stations are preferred to minimize your charging time and overall travel time.

Another useful feature of ABRP is the ability to input your vehicle data, allowing the tool to provide individual recommendations based on the actual performance of your electric car. This results in more accurate results and even better route planning.

Open Charge Map

A global database for electric vehicle charging stations

Open Charge Map is a comprehensive, worldwide database for electric vehicle charging stations, providing information on superchargers and other charging stations in many countries, including Germany. This non-commercial platform is accessible through an easy-to-use website and API, allowing you to find charging stations around the world.

Features for finding Superchargers worldwide

With Open Charge Map, you can search for charging stations nearby, view locations on a map, and access detailed information on stations, such as power, connector type, and operator. The platform also offers the ability to filter searches for superchargers and other fast-charging stations to help you find the best charging stations for your needs.

One particular advantage of Open Charge Map is the openness of the platform, allowing developers and third-party apps to access the database and develop their own tools and services related to electric vehicle charging stations.

tesla supercharger at the highway in Germany


In summary, we have introduced five top-notch tools to help you find superchargers near you and make your trips with your electric vehicle more convenient and stress-free. Each of these tools has its own strengths and features:

  1. Tesla Supercharger Map: Ideal for Tesla owners who want an integrated solution for route planning and supercharger search.
  2. ChargePoint: A widely used charging network with a user-friendly app and website for finding superchargers.
  3. PlugShare: A community-based platform that allows users to share information about superchargers and other charging stations.
  4. A Better Routeplanner (ABRP): A powerful route planning tool that finds the best routes taking into account superchargers and other charging stations along the way.
  5. Open Charge Map: A global database that provides detailed information on superchargers and other charging stations worldwide.

We recommend trying out these tools and discovering which one best suits your needs and driving preferences. The right tools can help make your electric vehicle experience even more enjoyable and stress-free.


What are the benefits of using route planning tools to integrate Superchargers into my travel plans?

Route planning tools like A Better Routeplanner (ABRP) can help electric vehicle owners seamlessly integrate Superchargers into their travel plans. By entering the starting point and destination, ABRP generates a route that includes recommended Supercharger stops based on the vehicle's range and the locations of available Superchargers. This not only saves time but also reduces range anxiety and ensures a seamless and stress-free ride.

How to find Superchargers in Germany?

There are several tools to find Superchargers nearby, including Tesla Supercharger Map, ChargePoint, PlugShare, and Open Charge Map. Each tool has its own unique features and benefits, so it is important to consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing the right tool. Some factors to consider include the availability of real-time information, compatibility with your electric vehicle, and the ability to contribute information to a community-driven platform.

How do I know which Supercharger network I can use based on the compatibility of my electric vehicle?

When choosing a Supercharger network, it is important to consider the compatibilityof your electric vehicle with different charging standards. For example, Tesla vehicles can only use Tesla Superchargers, while other electric vehicles may be compatible with other networks such as ChargePoint or EVgo.

How do I plan my route taking Superchargers into account?

To plan your route taking Superchargers into account, you can use one of the tools mentioned above or manually plan your route taking Supercharger stops into consideration. This should take into account the range of your vehicle and the locations of available Superchargers to ensure that you can reach your destination without running out of charge along the way.

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