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5 Surprisingly Cheap EVs with Great Range

Let's take a closer look at the world of surprisingly cheap Electric Vehicles! In this guide, we're exploring how far these cars can travel on a single charge and why that’s so important for everyday users and our planet. Plus, we're exploring some of the most wallet-friendly options available today.

Factors That Influence the Price of EVs

Exploring the changing world of electric vehicles (EVs), many elements impact their prices, offering a lively array of considerations for buyers. The key factor is battery technology and its manufacturing cost. Swift improvements and increased production have significantly lowered EV battery prices, making them more budget-friendly for consumers.

Moreover, government incentives play a crucial role, offering an array of financial reliefs through tax credits, rebates, and grants, which are designed to encourage EV adoption by mitigating the initial purchase cost.

Growing competition among car makers affects electric vehicle (EV) prices, as companies try to make more affordable models while keeping quality and performance high. Although the initial price of EVs can be high, savings on fuel and various incentives and financial plans gradually make them more accessible. Knowing these various factors offers a complete view of EV pricing, guiding a well-informed path towards eco-friendly transportation.

A teal-colored Kia SUV driving on a curvy road, surrounded by trees showcasing vibrant autumn foliage in shades of red, orange, and purple.

Review of our Top Picks

Fisker Ocean

  • Overview: The 2023 Fisker Ocean is a fresh entrant in the electric SUV market, offering a blend of stylish design and sustainable materials. Noteworthy features include a unique 17.1-inch rotating touchscreen and the California Mode, which offers an almost-convertible experience by opening all windows and the roof panel.
  • Price: The Ocean comes in several trims with starting prices as follows: Sport (€35,499), Ultra (€47,999), and Extreme (€65,999). Note that these prices do not account for any available subsidies or tax incentives, which can potentially make the Ocean more affordable.
  • Range: Depending on the trim and battery size, the Ocean offers an estimated range between 400km and up to 580km on a single charge. The largest available battery pack is 106.0-kWh, and charging support includes a 400-volt architecture and DC-fast charging rates of up to 200 kW, meaning a 10 to 80 percent battery charge can be achieved in approximately 35 minutes when utilizing a suitable DC fast charger.

The Fisker Ocean is attempting to carve out a space in the burgeoning EV market by balancing affordability, style, and performance. However, as a relatively new entrant, it will be crucial to observe how it fares in real-world, long-term usage and how it stacks up against established competitors in the market.

Škoda Enyaq iV 80

  • Overview: The Škoda Enyaq iV 80 appeals with its spacious interior, robust performance, and practical details, offering a comfortable and smooth electric driving experience. Its 77 kWh battery supports reliable e-driving, while thoughtful details like an illuminated grille (optional), generous interior space, and various "Simply Clever" features underline its versatile and modern character.
  • Price: The Enyaq iV 80 is priced between €42,100 and €49,050. While specific subsidies or incentives aren't detailed, various regions offer various incentives for EV purchases that potential buyers should explore.
  • Range: With its 77 kWh battery, the Enyaq iV 80 has an ADAC test consumption of 22 kWh/100 km, providing a range of approximately 395 km. Under specific conditions, such as inner-city driving or cautious driving out of town (preferably under 120 km/h), ranges of up to 500 km might be achievable.

Tesla Model 3

  • Overview: The Tesla Model 3, stands out in the EV market for its affordable price, impressive driving range, and performance. Noteworthy for its contribution to bringing EVs into more widespread use, particularly cherished is the Long Range model, which promises an estimated 580km of range.
  • Price: The 2023 Tesla Model 3 is priced between €39,880 and €51,880 depending on the model variant (Standard Range RWD, Long Range, and Performance). Despite various models offering different driving experiences and ranges, it remains relatively affordable, especially considering available subsidies and incentives that might apply depending on the buyer's location.
  • Range: Tesla offers three trims, each with its own estimated driving range: the base rear-wheel-drive model claims 440km, the Long Range model boasts an impressive 580km, and the Performance model promises 500km. However, real-world driving can show variations, with factors such as driving style, use of air conditioning, and terrain impacting the actual achievable range. Charging options are varied, including Tesla's Superchargers and home-charging stations.


  • Overview: The MG ZS EV, a practical and affordable electric SUV, appeals to those desiring space and electric mobility without breaking the bank. Available in various trims and a Long Range version, it assures drivers of a decent all-electric mileage and a comfortable ride. Notably recognized as the 2022 Affordable Electric Car of the Year, it battles competitors by offering modest pricing without compromising essential features.
  • Price: The MG ZS EV starts from around €34,000, with the Long Range model just under €38,000. The pricing remains one of the most competitive in the EV market, and although it may not be as cheap as it was previously, its position as a cost-effective electric SUV remains secure. Specific subsidies or incentives applicable may vary based on location and eligibility.
  • Range: Initially providing a 262km range, the ZS EV has seen improvements with a Long Range model that now offers up to 440km from its 72.6kWh battery. The standard model, with a 51kWh battery, assures 320km of travel on a full charge. Testing on the Long Range version returned an admirable real-world range of 400km, marking only a 7% deviation from the official WLTP figure.


  • Overview: The BYD SEAL carves out its distinct niche as a dynamic, intelligent, sporty, and technologically advanced full-electric D-segment sedan. Featuring the advanced Cell-to-Body technology and e-Platform 3.0, it offers a notable combination of efficiency, aerodynamics, power, body rigidity, and space utilization. Its aesthetic, inspired by the "Ocean Aesthetic" design concept, melds emotional appeal with high-tech elements while ensuring spacious interior features like a 402-litre boot space and a 53-litre frunk.
  • Price: With a price of around €45,000 in Germany, the BYD SEAL positions itself as a premium electric vehicle option in the market, while offering variety to consumers.
  • Range: The vehicle comes equipped with a potent 82 kWh BYD Blade Battery, promising a range of up to 570km (WLTP). It leverages BYD’s notable battery technology, which not only assures longevity and performance but also augments interior space, providing a roomy environment for passengers. Charging is both efficient and robust, enabling a jump from 30% to 80% within a swift 26-minute span using a 150 kW DC charger.
A white ŠKODA SUV parked on a quiet road at twilight, reflecting in a puddle beneath, with soft ambient light illuminating the scene.

The Hard Facts in Comparison

  • Fisker Ocean: A chic and eco-friendly SUV option with a price range of €37,499 - €68,999 and a driving range of 400 - 580 km. Notable for its unique touchscreen and California Mode.
  • Škoda Enyaq iV 80: A practical vehicle with a roomy interior, priced between 42,100 - 49,050 Euros and providing a range of up to 500 km under specific conditions. Both luxurious and functional.
  • Tesla Model 3: A renowned contender, priced between €41,880 - €54,880 and offering a range between 438 - 576 km, depending on the model. Celebrated for its range and performance.
  • MG ZS EV: A budget-conscious option with prices starting from €30,000 and offering ranges between 262 - 439 km, crowned the 2022 Affordable Electric Car of the Year.
  • BYD SEAL: A high-tech, aesthetically appealing sedan for about €45,000, offers an impressive range of up to 570km. It stands out for its advanced technology and aesthetic appeal.


Exploring the varied world of Electric Vehicles (EVs), models like the Fisker Ocean, Škoda Enyaq iV 80, Tesla Model 3, MG ZS EV, and BYD SEAL offer a wide array of pricing and range options, showcasing technological progress. This variety marks a global move towards greener travel, combining affordability with advanced technology. With ongoing improvements in battery tech and infrastructure, EVs represent our shared path to a sustainable and eco-friendly transport future.


What are the most affordable electric cars on the market with the best range?

The Fisker Ocean, Škoda Enyaq iV 80, Tesla Model 3, MG ZS EV, and BYD SEAL are highlighted as affordable electric cars with notable ranges in the market.

How does the range of an EV affect its usability?

The range of an EV, or how far it can travel on a single charge, significantly affects its usability by determining its practicality for various travel distances and usage patterns without requiring frequent charging.

Can cheap electric vehicles also provide good mileage?

Yes, affordable electric vehicles like the MG ZS EV and Fisker Ocean can provide good mileage, offering ranges of 262-439 km and 402-579 km respectively, proving that budget-friendly options can also deliver substantial driving distances on a single charge.

Are there any subsidies available for electric vehicles?

Yes, various subsidies, tax credits, rebates, and grants are available in different regions to encourage EV adoption by reducing the initial purchase cost, though specific availability and amounts can depend on local policies and buyer eligibility.

How does battery technology impact the price of electric cars?

Battery technology significantly impacts the price of electric cars due to the cost of materials and manufacturing, but advancements and scaled production have reduced battery prices over time, contributing to the gradual decrease in EV prices and enabling more affordable options for consumers.

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