EVIUM Meets Cardino to Sell Your EV

It's not every day that two innovative digital platforms of the automotive industry come together, and today, we're thrilled to announce this collaboration. Cardino is proud to reveal our newest partnership with EVIUM, a synergy that promises to redefine your EV journey!

Discovering EVIUM: The Vanguard of Automobile Excellence

For those who might be unfamiliar with EVIUM, let's dive a bit into what they bring to the table.

EVIUM is reshaping the e-mobility landscape by providing users with transparent information and seamless access to electric vehicles and related charging solutions. Beyond just an online marketplace for electric cars, EVIUM offers an integrated one-stop-shop experience that combines financial services, insurance offers, trade-in options, and more. A distinct feature is their holistic buying process that caters to all car-purchasing services, complemented by an optional white-label vehicle marketplace function.

A cornerstone of EVIUM’s success is their community-driven content. Spearheaded by "#1 YouTube Star for e-Mobility", Christopher Karatsonyi, aka Car Maniac, EVIUM has achieved massive outreach. With Christopher's candid reviews and a fanbase of over 260,000, they boast millions of video views monthly.

A standout innovation is EVIUM’s full integration of sales financing in their platform, ensuring dealers offer versatile financing options without commission losses from external credit mediation. As e-mobility moves forward, EVIUM stands as a growing leader, championing transparency and enhanced user experience.

Why This Partnership Makes Sense

The core essence of our collaboration lies in understanding the unique strengths of both entities:

  1. Cardino's Expertise: As pioneers in facilitating efficient car sales, we've always been driven by the mission to simplify the selling process for our users, ensuring they get the best deals in the shortest time possible.
  2. EVIUM's User-Centric Approach: EVIUM's platform is designed around the user, making every step, from browsing to decision-making, intuitive and straightforward.

A Seamless Transition to Cardino

With this new partnership, every time you think about selling a car on EVIUM, you'll find a simple way to do so through Cardino. This ensures:

  • Continuity of Quality Service: You get the best of EVIUM's user experience complemented by Cardino's specialized car selling expertise. It makes the platform a “one-stop-shop” for when it comes to EVs!
  • Streamlined Processes: No more juggling between platforms or processes. One click and you're on your way to selling your car with Cardino's trusted platform.
  • Enhanced Support: Together, Cardino and EVIUM will offer an unparalleled support system for car sellers, ensuring that any queries or concerns are addressed promptly.

Check it out yourself - you just need to click on “Verkaufen”.

Looking Forward to a Bright Road Ahead

This partnership isn't just about business—it's about reshaping and enhancing the car selling experience for millions. Both Cardino and EVIUM share a vision where buying and selling an EV is something new, that needs to be defined at best to deliver a great experience. An experience that needs to be smooth, trustworthy, and digital-first.

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