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Tiny Teslas: Are Teslas for Children a real thing?

Step aside grown-ups, the children are zooming right behind you in their own mini electric vehicles, notably, the miniature version of the Tesla Model S, and the robust Tesla Cyberquad for Kids. Let’s dive into a firsthand journey into the world of these tiny Teslas that have taken the kiddie world by storm.

A Miniature Marvel: The Kid-sized Tesla Model S

Designed to perfection by Radio Flyer in collaboration with Tesla, the Tesla Model S for kids is every bit a spectacle, bringing a touch of the iconic EV brand to the young ones. With striking resemblances to its full-sized counterpart, it comes adorned with the familiar Tesla logo, P90D badging, a carbon fiber-styled spoiler, and even operational headlights.

Despite its modest size, this mini Tesla doesn’t compromise on speed. Boasting two speed settings - a leisurely 4,8km/h and a brisk 9,6km/h, it offers children a thrilling experience akin to the grown-ups’ ‘chill’ and ‘sport’ modes in the actual Tesla Model S.

For the young, aspiring EV enthusiasts, this miniature Tesla introduces them to impressive electric capabilities, especially its lithium-ion battery – a pioneering feature in the kid's electric car market. The robust battery ensures up to 1-2 hours of continuous use, translating to substantial distances even with dual riders, thus, eradicating the dreaded range anxiety from these tiny electric journeys.

Charging is also a breeze, with a cleverly designed wall charger that mimics the aesthetics and functionality of real Tesla charging cables, ensuring the battery is juiced up and ready to roll in just 2-3 hours.

A young child with dark hair peeks curiously over a black toy car, one eye visible through the car's window. The focus is on the child's eye and the toy car, with other details softly blurred.

Here are the hard facts:

  • Offers two speed modes of 4.8 km/h and 9.6 km/h, allowing parents to manage speed for younger children with a designated "Parent" and "Kid" mode.
  • Captures the authentic Tesla vibe, featuring familiar logos, P90D badging, a carbon fiber-styled spoiler, and functional headlights, encapsulating a realistic mini Tesla experience.
  • Equipped with a pioneering lithium-ion battery, providing 1-2 hours of use and facilitated by a Tesla-like charging cable, replenishing energy within 2-3 hours.

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Power-Packed Adventures with The Tesla Cyberquad for Kids

Riding alongside is the Tesla Cyberquad for Kids, embodying robustness and raw electric power, co-engineered by Tesla and Radio Flyer. With a 36V electrical system and a 500W continuous-rated motor, this isn’t your ordinary kid's ride.

Unleashing speeds of up to 16 km/h, and enveloped in a sturdy build, it promises adrenaline-fueled rides even on the rugged terrains. Notably, its lithium-ion battery sets it apart from conventional children's electric rides, which predominantly leverage lead-acid batteries, ensuring longevity and potent performance through adventures in the backyard and beyond.

A distinguishing feature is its ability to effortlessly carry, and even tow, substantial weight, asserting its capability and power that aligns with the Tesla brand’s promise of unparalleled electric performance.

A winding asphalt road surrounded by rugged, reddish rock formations under a clear blue sky. A group of motorcyclists, blurred by motion, travel along the road. To the left of the road, there's a cobblestone sidewalk and a protective barrier. The expansive desert landscape stretches out in the distance, with sparse vegetation dotting the scene.

Here are the hard facts:

  • Boasts a potent 500W continuous-rated motor, paired with a 36V electrical system, propelling it to speeds of up to 16 km/h, embodying Tesla's renowned power in a compact form.
  • Offers a durable build, capable of navigating through rugged terrains while ensuring a safe and thrilling ride for adventurous kids.
  • Utilizes a lithium-ion battery, a deviation from typical children’s rides that often employ lead-acid batteries, ensuring durable and dependable performance throughout its journeys.

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Safety Review: Ensuring Secure Rides with Tiny Teslas for Kids

The speed might be exhilarating for kids but also raises eyebrows regarding safety. Children, especially those on the younger side may require parental guidance to ensure that they're used safely and considerately, ensuring that play doesn't become disruptive or risky. The Tesla Model S for Kids, produced by Radio Flyer, does come with a feature that allows parents to have control over the vehicle. Parents can manage the speed of the vehicle by choosing between a "Parent" mode, which allows the vehicle to drive up to its maximum speed of 9,6 km/h, and a "Kid" mode, which limits the speed to 4,8 km/h.


It comes as no surprise that children are fascinated by electric vehicles. Tesla has made it their mission to ensure safety while introducing children to the concept of educational adventures. While enjoying their playful rides, children also get a sneak peek into a future where traveling doesn't harm the environment, while parents can allow free play, with the option of using a parent remote control.


What are the speed options available on the Tesla Model S for Kids?

The Tesla Model S for Kids offers two speed settings: 4.8 km/h and 9.6 km/h, resembling the 'chill' and 'sport' modes available in the full-sized Tesla Model S, to accommodate both leisurely and more thrilling rides for children.

How does the charging and battery performance of the kid's Tesla Model S compare to standard kids’ electric cars?

The Tesla Model S for Kids features a lithium-ion battery, which provides 1-2 hours of continuous use and can be charged with a special wall charger, designed akin to real Tesla charging cables, in just 2-3 hours. This lithium-ion battery technology is pioneering in the kids' electric car market and offers substantial usage time even with dual riders.

Can the Tesla Cyberquad for Kids handle rough terrains, and what is its maximum speed?

Yes, the Tesla Cyberquad for Kids is designed with a sturdy build that allows it to navigate rugged terrains while offering safe rides for children. It can achieve speeds of up to 16 km/h, making it a powerful ride for adventurous kids.

Are there any safety features in place to manage the speed of these tiny Teslas to ensure the safety of children during use?

Yes, the Tesla Model S for Kids comes with a feature allowing parents to control the vehicle’s speed. Parents can select between a "Parent" mode, which allows a maximum speed of 9.6 km/h, and a "Kid" mode that limits the speed to 4.8 km/h, ensuring a safer driving experience for younger children.

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