Top 5 Mobile EV Charging Stations Reviewed + Test


The electrification of transportation has shifted into top gear, and with this transformation comes the need for convenient and accessible charging solutions. Mobile EV charging stations are emerging as a versatile solution to cater to this need. With the continued growth in the EV market, these portable charging devices offer a unique blend of flexibility and efficiency to users.

Criteria to Review

When reviewing mobile EV charging stations, several key factors play a crucial role in determining their efficiency and reliability. Here is what we found to be most important:

  • Charging speed and capacity: How fast can the device charge an EV?
  • Portability and design: Is it easy to carry, and does its design cater to user convenience?
  • Cost and value for money: Is the pricing competitive and does it offer good value?
  • User interface and ease of use: Can users easily understand and operate the device?

Our Top 5 Mobile EV Charging Stations

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Teskee EV-Charging Station

Featuring an impressive 11kW maximum charging power and a 16Amp top output, this charger boasts a substantial 6-meter cable length and is equipped with mode 2 EV charging. Its meticulously crafted technology is underscored by a status light and is powered by an advanced chip ensuring stable charging. Among its strong suits are its impressive charging capacity, an IP66 weather-resistant rating, and universal compatibility. Not to mention, it is thoughtfully packaged with a complimentary carrying bag. On the flip side, given its range of sophisticated features, one might anticipate a slightly steeper price point. Field tests have affirmed its ability to deliver both consistent and rapid charging, with many users finding the status light particularly beneficial.

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EVFUEL Type 2 Mobile EV-Charging Station

Equipped with a Type 2 charging cable, this charger offers a commendable 11 kW of power and comes with a 5-meter cable. It's ingeniously designed with automatic phase identification and is safeguarded by IP54 protection. Its user-friendly interface ensures swift and safe charging, with certifications to vouch for its reliability. However, its cable length may seem a tad shorter when juxtaposed with some competitors, and its IP54 rating, while decent, might not hold up against more severe weather conditions as effectively as higher-rated models. Field tests underscore its efficiency, with the automatic phase identification feature functioning flawlessly, ensuring a smooth charging experience.

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WISSENERGY Type 2 Chraging Station

Boasting a robust 11 kW of power, this charger comes with a 6-meter cable length and is fortified by an IP66 waterproof rating, further complemented by its built-in safety mechanisms. Its design promotes effortless plug & play functionality, ensuring swift charging while championing durability and portability. Though not explicitly mentioned, one could assume its design might lean towards the bulkier side, given its feature set. In hands-on tests, its performance remains consistently reliable, with its impeccable waterproofing taking the limelight.

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Greenewable Mobile Wallbox

This charger is designed to deliver up to 16kW of charging speed and sports a generous 7-meter length, coupled with an IP66 waterproof rating, ensuring compatibility across a range of EV models. Its standout attributes include the provision of four diverse adapters, which not only accentuates its adaptability but also underpins its impressive charging velocity and superior quality. While the inclusion of these additional adapters might hint at a steeper price point, hands-on tests vouch for its exceptional versatility and remarkable charging prowess.

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Juice Booster 2 Mater Set

This mobile charging solution boasts a substantial 22 kW capacity, ensuring it's not just portable but powerful. With an IP67 waterproof rating, it's built to withstand temperatures ranging from a chilling -30°C to a scorching 50°C, making it both durable and adaptable across diverse conditions. Its design is tailored for flexibility, fitting seamlessly into various charging contexts. While one might anticipate a premium cost given its high-end features—and perhaps a bit of added weight—the actual performance is undeniably robust, offering unparalleled charging velocity.

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Looking at the features, pros, and cons of each, the Juice Booster 2 Master Set stands out in terms of charging capacity and flexibility. However, for those looking for a balance between price and features, the Teskee EV-Ladegerät Typ 2 offers substantial advantages. Choosing the right mobile EV charging station is paramount for efficient and consistent charging on-the-go. While the reviewed chargers stand out in their unique ways, it's crucial for buyers to align their preferences with their needs. The EV world is expanding, and with it, the necessity for versatile charging solutions becomes ever more prominent.


What makes mobile EV charging stations different from stationary ones?

Mobile EV charging stations are designed for portability and convenience, allowing users to charge their electric vehicles on-the-go. They offer flexibility and can be moved to different locations as needed, unlike stationary ones which are fixed.

How important is the charging speed and capacity of an EV charging station?

Charging speed and capacity are crucial as they determine how fast an EV can be charged. A higher capacity and speed mean that the vehicle can be charged more quickly, reducing downtime and ensuring the vehicle is ready for use sooner.

Are all mobile EV charging stations universally compatible with all electric vehicles?

While many mobile EV charging stations offer universal compatibility, it's always advisable to check the specifications of the charger and the vehicle to ensure compatibility. Some chargers, like the Teskee EV-Charging Station Type 2, offer universal compatibility.

What is the significance of the IP rating (e.g., IP66 or IP67) on these chargers?

The IP rating indicates the charger's resistance to dust and water. For example, an IP66 rating means the device is dust-tight and can withstand powerful water jets, while an IP67 rating indicates the charger can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. This is crucial for ensuring the device's durability in various environmental conditions.

Is there a significant price difference between different models of mobile EV charging stations?

Yes, the price can vary based on the features, charging capacity, brand, and other specifications. For instance, models with advanced features or additional adapters, like the Greenewable Mobile Wallbox, might have a premium price point. It's essential to balance the desired features with the budget when making a purchase decision.

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