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June 4, 2024

The Top 5 Smallest EVs Available in Europe: Compact, Efficient, and Eco-Friendly

The Top 5 Smallest EVs Available in Europe: Compact, Efficient, and Eco-Friendly

In Europe, where space can be at a premium, compact electric vehicles offer an ideal solution for urban driving. These small EVs are not only eco-friendly but also efficient and easy to maneuver in crowded city streets. In this article, we will explore the top five smallest electric vehicles currently available in Europe, highlighting their key features, benefits, and what makes them stand out in the market. Whether you're looking for a nimble city car or a practical solution for short commutes, these tiny EVs are worth considering.

1. Smart EQ ForTwo

The Smart EQ ForTwo is the smallest electric car available in Europe, measuring just 2.69 meters in length. It's designed as an ideal city car, offering tight turning capabilities and easy maneuverability. Despite its small size, it provides a decent driving experience with a 60kW motor, a range of approximately 130 km on a single charge, and a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 11.9 seconds.

Price of the Smart EQ ForTwo in Germany: €21,940.

Pro: Great dimensions for city driving, making it easy to park and maneuver in tight spaces.

Con: Limited range of approximately 112-120 km per charge, which may be insufficient for longer trips

2. Honda e

The Honda e stands out with its futuristic design and innovative interior, featuring a full-screen dashboard with camera-based side mirrors. At 3.89 meters long, it is slightly larger than the Smart EQ ForTwo but remains compact and stylish. It comes with a 35.5 kWh battery, offering a range of about 220 km, and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.3 seconds.

Price of the Honda e in Germany: €29,470

Pro: The Honda e features a highly futuristic and stylish interior, with a full-width digital dashboard and innovative side mirror cameras.

Con: The range is relatively short, which might not be sufficient for longer journeys

3. MINI Electric

The MINI Electric, with its iconic design and fun driving dynamics, measures 3.85 meters in length. It's powered by a 135kW motor and provides a range of approximately 235 km. Known for its sharp handling, the MINI Electric delivers a go-kart-like driving experience, making it a popular choice for city drivers.

Price of the MINI Electric in Germany: €35,700

Pro: Known for its fun driving experience, the MINI Electric offers sharp handling and a responsive feel, making city driving enjoyable.

Con: The MINI Electric has a limited rear seat space and a small boot, which may not be practical for families or carrying large loads

4. Fiat 500 Electric

The Fiat 500 Electric combines retro charm with modern electric efficiency. This 3-door hatchback is 3.63 meters long and offers a range of up to 320 km with its 42kWh battery pack. It features one-pedal driving capability and a stylish interior, making it a practical yet chic option for urban commuters.

Price of the Fiat 500 Electric in Germany: €22,966 for the Action variant and up to €34,020 for the La Prima variant.

Pro: The Fiat 500 Electric boasts an attractive design and compact size, perfect for urban environments, along with a good electric range.

Con: The small interior space, particularly the rear seats and boot, can be restrictive for passengers and cargo

5. Dacia Spring Electric

The Dacia Spring Electric is an affordable option in the compact EV segment. Measuring 3.73 meters, it provides a range of about 230 km with a 26.8kWh battery. While it may not boast luxurious features, it is a practical and budget-friendly choice for city driving, offering agility and simplicity.

Price of the Dacia Spring Electric in Germany: Starting at €22,750

Pro: The Dacia Spring Electric is one of the most affordable electric cars on the market, making it accessible for a wider audience.

Con: The interior materials and overall build quality are relatively basic, reflecting its budget positionin

How to Choose the Best Small EV for You

Choosing the right small electric vehicle involves considering several factors to ensure it meets your specific needs and lifestyle. Here’s a guide to help you make an informed decision:

Driving Range

The driving range is crucial, especially if you plan on using the car for more than just city driving. Small EVs typically have a range between 100-250 miles per charge. Consider how often and how far you drive daily:

  • Short City Commutes: Models like the Smart EQ ForTwo with around 120 km range might suffice.
  • Longer Daily Drives: Consider the Fiat 500 Electric or MINI Electric, which offer ranges closer to 300 km.


Small EVs come in various price ranges, so consider both the purchase price and the total cost of ownership, including incentives, running costs, and maintenance:

  • Budget-Friendly: The Dacia Spring Electric offers excellent value for money.
  • Premium Features: The Honda e, with its high-tech interior and innovative features, comes at a higher price but offers advanced technology.

Interior Space and Comfort

Think about how much passenger and cargo space you need:

  • Compact Use: For minimal space needs, the Smart EQ ForTwo is a great option, though it has limited storage.
  • More Room: The MINI Electric and Fiat 500 Electric offer more comfortable interiors with slightly more cargo space.

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In the evolving landscape of urban mobility, small electric vehicles offer a perfect blend of eco-friendliness, efficiency, and practicality. The top five smallest EVs available in Europe – Smart EQ ForTwo, Honda e, MINI Electric, Fiat 500 Electric, and Dacia Spring Electric – each bring unique strengths to the table, catering to diverse needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize compact size for easy parking, stylish design, or budget-friendly options, these EVs provide excellent solutions for city driving and short commutes. By considering factors such as driving range, budget, interior space, and driving experience, you can choose the best small EV that fits your lifestyle.


What is the range of the Smart EQ ForTwo?

The Smart EQ ForTwo has a range of approximately 112-130 km on a single charge, making it ideal for short city commutes.

How does the Honda e's interior stand out?

The Honda e features a futuristic and stylish interior with a full-width digital dashboard and innovative side mirror cameras, offering a unique driving experience.

Is the MINI Electric suitable for families?

While the MINI Electric offers a fun driving experience and sharp handling, its limited rear seat space and small boot may not be practical for families or carrying large loads.

What makes the Fiat 500 Electric a good urban car?

The Fiat 500 Electric combines retro charm with modern efficiency, offering a compact size, stylish design, and a range of up to 320 km, making it perfect for urban environments.

Why is the Dacia Spring Electric considered budget-friendly?

The Dacia Spring Electric is one of the most affordable electric cars on the market, offering practical and budget-friendly city driving with a range of about 230 km and basic interior features.

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