Maximizing Electric Vehicle Performance: The Essential AVILOO Battery Test

If you're considering selling an electric car or plug-in hybrid, prospective buyers will be asking about the current State of Health (SoH) of the vehicle's battery. How much distance can your vehicle cover before needing the next charge? Essentially, a higher SoH indicates a healthier battery, which, in turn, translates to a more extended range for your vehicle.

The battery is the core of the vehicle, its most costly element. Over time,  it experiences a decline in storage capacity and overall performance. To obtain a realistic appraisal of its condition, an independent battery diagnostic is indispensable. The manufacturer and TÜV-certified AVILOOPREMIUM Test, an exact, independent, and objective SoH test, is the perfect way to measure theState of Health of the vehicle's battery. It allows you to verify with ease and precision whether the range claims made by the dealer or manufacturer are still credible, and to understand the remaining capacity of the battery in percentage terms.

Wondering why a battery diagnostic is crucial? Discover the reasons in this informative video which elucidates the benefits in under two minutes. Click Here!

The AVILOO PREMIUM test itself is easy to use and tailored to users' needs. Here's how it works:

  1. Insert the AVILOO Box into your car's OBD port.
  2. Fully Charge your car to 100%.
  3. Access the web-app here and adhere to the displayed instructions.
  4. Deplete your car's charge from 100% to 10% during your regular commutes. This can be accomplished over a span of up to seven days.
  5. Expect to receive the AVILOO Battery Certificate in your email within two business days!

Exclusive offer for Cardino clients!Exclusively for Cardino clients, the PREMIUM Test is available at a 10% reduced price, coveringdistribution costs. Place your order here by using the code “Batterydino” at checkout.

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