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July 13, 2023

Selling a Tesla in Finland from Germany: Your Ultimate Guide

Selling a Tesla in Finland from Germany: Your Ultimate Guide

I. Tesla and Finnish Market Overview

Tesla has become the must-know leader of the global electric vehicle (EV) industry, offering innovative models that not only deliver extraordinary performance but also reduce our carbon footprint. This progressive brand is pioneering the drive towards a sustainable future, with its robust range of vehicles satisfying the appetites of motorists across the globe.

Focusing on Finland, the nation's automotive sector is witnessing a significant shift towards electric vehicles. Despite the ongoing pandemic and supply chain constraints, the Finnish EV market continues to grow, underscoring consumers' desire for greener alternatives.

In 2021, the nation saw its EV sales double from the previous year, contributing to the 5% of total global EV sales. This robust growth is expected to continue, with forecasts predicting a 22.46% growth in the Finnish EV market by 2027.

In terms of charging behavior, Finnish EV owners primarily prefer home charging solutions, accounting for a significant majority, while public stations and workplace charging options constitute 25% and 10% of usage respectively. This trend demonstrates a preference for convenience, cost-effectiveness, and readiness among Finnish EV drivers.

However, challenges persist. In multi-residential buildings, inadequate charging infrastructure and subpar app experiences are going against the widespread adoption of EVs. But despite these challenges, the future of EVs in Finland (and particularly Tesla), looks promising as consumers are looking for environmental sustainability and long-term cost savings over short-term investment.

II. Factors Behind Finland's Higher Resale Values

Tesla cars are very popular in Finland, leading to high resale prices, which is good for sellers. Several factors shape this robust market, beginning with the nation's unwavering commitment to sustainable and clean energy. This national sentiment intensifies the demand for electric vehicles, subsequently driving up Tesla's resale value in the Finnish market.

Further, Finland's high standard of living coupled with robust purchasing power enables the population to appreciate and invest in high-quality electric vehicles like Tesla. This financial strength in the market ensures higher resale values, making it a profitable venture for sellers.

Lastly, the proactive approach of the Finnish government, promoting the adoption of EVs through financial incentives, has broadened the appeal of Tesla. Such measures have not only made Teslas more accessible to a larger consumer base but also have strenghten their high resale values. In summary, the blend of sustainability-focused consumer sentiments, strong purchasing power, and supportive government initiatives together contribute to the attractive resale values of Tesla in Finland.

III. Regulatory Aspects of Importing Cars to Finland

Importing a Tesla to Finland involves a defined process that every person selling to the Finnish market must follow to ensure compliance with the nation's rules and regulations.

Import Regulations and Procedures

Upon bringing a car into Finland, it is essential to pay the applicable car tax and have the vehicle thoroughly inspected. Following this, an electronic declaration of use must be submitted to the Finnish Tax Administration. Within five days of the declaration, a car tax return must be filed.

The next steps involve a registration inspection at an authorized inspection station and then taking the vehicle to a registration service station for first-time registration. In this step, it's mandatory to have a valid inspection certificate, a permit from the Tax Administration, and motor vehicle liability insurance for registration.

Vehicle Standards, Taxes, and Fees

The vehicle tax in Finland is a composite of a basic tax and a tax on driving power. It's noteworthy that electric vehicles like Tesla enjoy the lowest basic tax. However, electric vehicles registered after 1st October 2021 will see a gradual increase in basic tax from 1st October 2023.

The calculation of the basic tax depends on CO2 emissions or total mass and the year of service entry. For cars registered after 1st January 2001, the tax is based on CO2 emissions, while for cars registered before 1st January 2001, the tax is calculated based on the total mass.

Understanding these regulatory aspects helps in making an informed decision when importing and selling a Tesla in the Finnish market.

IV. Customizing Tesla for Finland

Tesla's impressive adaptability to various geographical and climatic conditions makes it an excellent choice for Finnish consumers.

Tesla Models for Finnish Weather Conditions

Tesla vehicles are renowned for their safety features and resilience, even in extreme weather conditions. It's remarkable how a Tesla Model Y performed effectively at -30 degrees Celsius in neighboring Sweden, showcasing its cold-weather durability.

In the context of Finland's harsh winters, it's essential to consider that cold weather can decrease a Tesla's battery range by about 10-30%. Moreover, regenerative braking, a key feature in EVs, tends to be less efficient in frigid temperatures. Therefore, preheating the car could be beneficial in such instances.

Thanks to Tesla's intelligent design, the strategic positioning of the battery helps maintain control on icy roads. Testimonials from owners reveal that Teslas can operate efficiently even at -40 degrees Celsius, although keeping the car heated might impact the range.

Teslas equipped with features such as intelligent design for icy road control and efficient operation in extreme cold are highly sought after in markets like Finland, where such conditions are commonplace. The ability to offer a comfortable, safe, and reliable driving experience even in harsh winter conditions increases the car's appeal, making it easier to sell. Buyers are willing to pay premium prices for these models as they provide added value through enhanced safety, stability, and comfort, ensuring peace of mind. These unique selling points contribute to a higher resale value, thus facilitating quicker sales at better prices.

Why Finnish Consumers Like Electric Cars

Beyond this, the high standard of living in Finland aligns well with Tesla's premium branding, making it a desirable choice for Finnish consumers. Furthermore, the nation's commitment to sustainable living resonates with Tesla's green ethos, providing another compelling reason for Finnish consumers to choose Tesla.

Tesla in snow-covered forest

V. Marketing and Sales Strategies for Tesla in Finland

The robust demand for Tesla vehicles in Finland presents a compelling case for strategic marketing and sales initiatives that cater specifically to this market.

Marketing Channels and Messages

You have several options when it comes to selling your Tesla. If you prefer handling the process yourself, consider advertising your vehicle on popular Finnish websites. While this method might yield a higher offer, it could potentially consume more time due to several reasons:

  • Listing the Vehicle: You'll need to spend time writing an appealing and honest description of your car, taking high-quality photos from various angles, and posting the ad on different websites.
  • Dealing with Inquiries: Once your vehicle is listed, you will likely receive numerous calls, emails, and text messages from potential buyers. Answering these inquiries, providing additional information or photos, and negotiating on the price all take time.
  • Arranging Test Drives: Interested buyers will often want to inspect and test-drive the vehicle before making a purchase. You'll need to coordinate and meet with them, which can be time-consuming, especially if they back out or don't show up.
  • Handling Paperwork: When selling a car privately, you are responsible for all the necessary paperwork. This includes transferring the title and handling any necessary inspections or registration processes. Ensuring that all documents are correctly filled out and signed can be a meticulous process.
  • Fraud Prevention: Selling a car privately means you need to be cautious about potential scams. You might need to invest some time in understanding how to recognize and avoid scams, such as false payment methods or buyers who refuse to meet in person.
  • Getting the Car Ready: It's crucial to ensure that the car is in its best condition before selling. This might involve cleaning, making minor repairs, or getting it serviced, all of which require time.

Alternatively, selling your Tesla to a dealership might be quicker, but the trade-off is often a lower price:

  • Dealership's Profit Margin: Dealerships are in the business of buying and selling cars for a profit. They need to buy your vehicle at a price that allows them to cover their operating costs (like overhead, salaries, and marketing) and still make a profit when they resell it.
  • Reconditioning Costs: Before selling your car, the dealership will typically need to invest in reconditioning it. This could involve cleaning, servicing, making repairs, and preparing the car for sale. The dealership will factor these costs into the price they offer you.
  • Risk Mitigation: Dealerships need to account for the risk they take on when buying used cars. The vehicle could have hidden mechanical problems that emerge later or could sit on the lot for a long time before it's sold. These risks lead them to offer less to ensure they won't lose money on the deal.
  • Quick and Convenient: When you sell your car to a dealership, you're essentially paying for the convenience and speed of the transaction. You can typically walk in and walk out with a check in hand on the same day, which is much faster than selling privately. But this convenience comes at a cost, which is reflected in a lower offer for your vehicle.

A balanced and effective alternative could be utilizing our services. We specialize in assisting sellers in a manner that optimizes their time, guarantees a reasonable sale price, and expedites the transaction process.

Direct Sales and Online Strategy

As you can imagine, leveraging online platforms for direct sales is key. Implement a comprehensive online strategy that includes an engaging website featuring your Tesla's unique selling points, high-quality images, and competitive pricing, as well as other important details such as AHK, heat pump, wheels, colors. Our top Finnish car-selling platforms:

VI. Key Takeaways

Finland presents a robust market for Tesla owners considering resale, fueled by an unwavering commitment to clean energy, high purchasing power, and a government eager to promote EV adoption.

The Finnish market's notable growth despite pandemic setbacks demonstrates the nation's readiness to transition to sustainable modes of transport. Tesla, a frontrunner in the EV industry, perfectly aligns with Finland's environmental ethos, proving to be a popular choice among Finnish consumers.

However, remember to navigate the import regulations and procedures effectively to ensure a smooth transaction process. Also, adapt your marketing strategies to the digital landscape, enhancing your online visibility and engaging directly with potential buyers.

Selling your Tesla in Finland could be a rewarding experience, given the right guidance and understanding of the market dynamics. With a keen focus on the Finnish market's unique attributes and an effective strategy, you can expect a successful and profitable sale.

In Finland, you can find better deals, although they come with various challenges such as paperwork, language barriers, and delivery issues. Fortunately, at Cardino, we specialize in handling all these troublesome processes on your behalf. Simply provide us with a few details, and we will list your cars in our auctions, where Finnish dealers compete to offer you the best price. This approach enables us to increase the price and present you with an even higher offer. The best part is that our services are entirely free, and it only takes a few minutes to complete the process. If you're interested, you can begin by using our right-sided tool for a quick car valuation.


How do import regulations in Finland affect Tesla sales?

Import regulations in Finland are meticulous, aimed at ensuring all imported vehicles meet the necessary standards and tax obligations. For Tesla vehicles, the tax burden is relatively lower due to the country's commitment to promoting electric vehicles. Despite the comprehensive import process, the clear procedures and EV-friendly policies do not hinder Tesla sales. On the contrary, they provide a well-defined roadmap for potential sellers.

What is the best way to market Tesla in Finland?

As a private seller of a Tesla in Finland, leverage online platforms like and Nettiauto, as these are popular for car sales. Highlight Tesla’s eco-friendliness and low operating costs, which appeal to the Finnish market. Use high-quality images and provide detailed information on features and charging options to entice buyers.

What is the potential for Tesla in the Finnish auto market?

Tesla's potential in the Finnish auto market is significant, driven by the nation's robust commitment to sustainable energy and high living standards. The growing EV market, the government's supportive initiatives, and Tesla's fit for Finnish weather conditions together create a favorable landscape for Tesla's growth in the Finnish auto market. High resale values further add to Tesla's attractiveness, making it a lucrative venture for potential sellers.

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