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Welcome to Our Partnerships Hub! This page stands as a testament to the meaningful connections we've established with esteemed partners spanning various industries and specialties.

Together, we create a dynamic network that fuels innovation, shares expertise, and delivers exceptional solutions to our clients and customers.

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Cardino and EVIUM have teamed up to provide you with a comprehensive EV buying experience. With EVIUM, you can effortlessly purchase electric vehicles and gain valuable insights, while Cardino ensures that you can sell your electric vehicle at the best price. 10x faster compared to traditional providers.

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Cardino and Instamotion have teamed up to electrify the roads! Instamotion is a platform that simplifies the purchase of new and used cars. Like any other online transaction, cars should be easily and comfortably ordered from the comfort of your home. Instamotion offers our customers a hassle-free and secure experience by transforming car buying into an all-inclusive service.

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Europe's largest automobile club, ADAC offers a wide array of benefits including roadside assistance, travel services, insurance coverage, driving safety initiatives, expert advice, and exclusive member privileges.

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Modern design in combination with high quality standards, German service including purchase security, fast delivery times and, if possible, CO2-neutral production and shipping of the products.

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Exclusively for Cardino clients, the PREMIUM Test is available at a 10% reduced price, covering distribution costs. Place your order here by using the code “Batterydino”.

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