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Opel in 2024

Opel Automobile GmbH, commonly known as Opel, is a distinguished German car manufacturer and a subsidiary of Stellantis as of January 16, 2021. Opel's journey began as a sewing machine manufacturer in 1862 and transitioned to bicycles before entering the automobile industry in 1899.

In 2017, PSA Peugeot Citroën acquired Opel and Vauxhall, expanding its influence in the European auto market. Opel continues to operate from Rüsselsheim am Main, designing, engineering, and distributing vehicles and parts worldwide.

Regarding their Elektroauto line, Opel has made significant strides with models like the Mokka-e, Corsa-e, Grandland Hybrid, Zafira-e Life, Combo-e Life, Combo-e Cargo, Vivaro-e, and the Astra Plug-in Hybrid. These electric and hybrid vehicles showcase Opel's commitment to zero-emission technology, combining efficiency with cutting-edge design and driving pleasure.

Opel’s EV Highlights:

  • The Corsa-e combines everyday driving pleasure with advanced technologies, offering a range of up to 402 km.
  • The Grandland Plug-in Hybrid merges SUV power with the efficiency of a hybrid system.
  • Zafira-e Life provides electric top-notch travel with a range of up to 329 km.
  • Combo-e Life offers space and comfort for up to seven people with a range of up to 280 km.
  • Combo-e Cargo and Vivaro-e cater to commercial needs with electric power and ample cargo space.
  • The new Astra Plug-in Hybrid introduces a compact hybrid with ultra-low emissions, leading into a new electric era.

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