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Sell your Renault Zoe R135

The Renault Zoe R135 is a popular second-generation electric vehicle with a modern design and spacious front interior. It features a 135-HP electric motor, achieving a top speed of 140 km/h and 0 to 100 km/h in 9.5 seconds. The 52-kWh battery provides a theoretical range of around 340 km, with options for AC and DC charging. The base price is €35,990. The upgraded interior, competitive range, and comprehensive safety features make it a strong contender in the electric vehicle market. Inside, the Zoe offers an elegant dashboard, a sophisticated infotainment system, and a digital driver’s display, with options for environmentally-friendly materials.

Driving-wise, the Zoe performs well, especially in city settings, though it may not be the best option for frequent motorway travel due to noticeable wind and tire noise.

Real Range:

  • Varies between 220 - 465 km
  • Performs better in mild weather (up to 465 km in city driving)
  • Cold weather and highway driving can reduce range significantly
  • Real-world conditions like speed, driving style, and route affect range


  • Nominal capacity of 54.7 kWh with a usable capacity of 52.0 kWh
  • 192 lithium-ion cells with a 400 V architecture


  • 22 kW AC home/destination charging; 3 hours for a full charge
  • 46 kW DC fast charging capability

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