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Volkswagen ID.5 in 2023

Sell your Volkswagen ID.5 in Germany

The Volkswagen ID5 is an electric family SUV that offers practicality, comfort, and a sleek coupe-like design. It shares its mechanical components with the ID4 but features a more stylish and attractive exterior. The interior is minimalist and offers comfortable seats, although the quality of materials is not as impressive as expected. The ID5 provides ample space for passengers and luggage, with a larger boot than the ID4. It is equipped with a 77kWh battery, offering a range of up to 313 miles. The driving experience is smooth and easy, with responsive acceleration and accurate steering. However, the ID5 lacks excitement and agility in cornering. It is suitable for everyday driving, offering a comfortable and practical electric SUV option with an appealing design. Cardino provides a large variety of cars for your selection, including this one. Our trade services are quick and priced fairly. Visit our platform today and find your next car at an unbeatable price.

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Sell your electric car at Cardino, where we traded many Volkswagens ID.5. We send your car to our dealer auctions, thus providing you with a seamless and efficient selling process, and ensuring you receive the best price for your EV.

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