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Renault in 2024

For the past decade, the Renault Group has been fully committed to the large-scale development of electric mobility. A pioneer in Europe, it is now shifting up a gear. The Renaulution plan, unveiled in January 2021, focuses on the Group’s leadership in electric mobility and the unique advantages of its E-TECH, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid technology. The aim is to expand the electric mobility offer, both in terms of vehicles and services. The goal of the Renault Group is simple: to make electric travel accessible to everyone by offering solutions for every need.

Renault’s Highlights

  • European EV Leader: Renault led European electric vehicle sales in 2013, offering a diverse range including Twizy, Zoe, and Kangoo.
  • Zoe's Milestones: The Renault Zoe was Europe's top-selling electric car in 2015 and 2016, with global sales hitting 50,000 in June 2016 and 150,000 by June 2019.
  • Impressive Sales Figures: By December 2019, Renault’s electric program sold over 273,550 EVs worldwide, including 181,893 Zoe cars and 48,821 Kangoo Z.E. vans.
  • Zero-Emission Partnerships: Since 2008, Renault has formed agreements in multiple countries and with various states for its zero-emission vehicles.
  • National and Utility Partnerships: Renault–Nissan has worked with utility companies like France’s EDF and Ireland's ESB, and participated in the UK's Plugged in Places project.
  • CEO’s Vision: Carlos Ghosn emphasized the necessity of the Renault–Nissan alliance for a successful electric vehicle ecosystem, from batteries to infrastructure.
  • New EV and Mobility Brand: In 2021, Renault launched Mobilize, a new brand focusing on electric vehicles and mobility, planning a yearly output of 400,000 electric vehicles by 2025.

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