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Volkswagen ID.3 in 2024

Sell your Volkswagen ID.3 in Germany

The Volkswagen ID3 is an electric hatchback that offers a Tesla-rivalling range of nearly 340 miles. It features a funky and personable design, with a minimalist interior that includes a large touchscreen infotainment unit. Passenger space is excellent, and the boot is a good size. However, the interior materials quality is not as high as expected from Volkswagen. The ID3 comes with different battery packs and power outputs, with the top model offering 204hp and instant acceleration. It handles well and offers a comfortable ride, although the suspension can be firm over bumps. The ID3 is a recommendable family EV with excellent town driving capabilities and a relaxed motorway cruising experience. With Cardino, you gain access to a vast array of cars including this specific model. Our swift vehicle trade process ensures you get the best deals. Explore our platform today for a stellar car buying experience.

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